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First Edition Socks for August

These are the socks we’ll be making in August for our First Editions subscription service. Go here to sign up!

We slide into the final weeks of summer with a reprise of our uber-popular Mini-Deco in classic Teal and two daring new colorways, Ragtime and Rouge. We round out this month's selections with our all-time most popular sock, our Strata in Cobalt, now in 18.5 micron wool.

Mini Deco in Teal, cotton

Conservative colorway

Mini Deco in Teal
Supima Cotton

A carnival of aqua with pink highlights, cheeky and classic, all in one.

All our cotton socks contain 70% Extra Long Staple Supima Cotton, 25% Nylon and 5% Spandex.

Our regular size will fit most people, from a US Women’s shoe size of 6 to a US Men’s 11. Our Large size overlaps that range, from US Men’s 10 to 14. If you’re taller, or want a slightly higher sock, the Large is also about an inch longer in the leg.

(For international feet, our regular is a UK 4 to 10, EU 37 to 44 or Asian 23 1/2 to 28 1/2. Large is UK 9 to 13, EU 43 to 48 or Asia 28+.)

Mini Deco in Ragtime, cotton

Bright colorway

Mini Deco in Ragtime
Supima Cotton

A jazzy departure from our usual color themes, Ragtime is its own drummer.

XOAB socks are made in America from US-sourced materials and knit in small batches, using custom-dyed yarn, on our own knitting machines.

We use US-grown, spun and custom-dyed Supima cotton and domestic 18.5 micron Merino wool and add American-made nylon yarn for durability and spandex to help our socks stay up and conform gently to your leg and foot.

Mini Deco in Rouge, cotton

Mini Deco in Rouge
Supima Cotton

A unique red stripe, tempered by violets, yields a rich and sophisticated accent in any setting.

We’ve designed for comfort, with a perfectly smooth toe seam, a little extra spandex for a perfect fit and 200-needle quality for fine pattern detail and an ultra-smooth feel.

We guarantee our socks. If you have a problem with them, or are displeased for any reason, contact us at, and we’ll do our best to make it right.

Strata in Cobalt, wool

Strata in Cobalt
Merino Wool

The granddaddy of all of our collections, our Strata Cobalt makes its debut in 18.5 micron wool. Tried and true, now warm and cozy.

XOAB socks can be machine-washed. Turn the socks inside-out before washing in cold water, and tumble dry on medium heat.

These are the socks we’ll be making in August for our First Editions subscription service. Go here to sign up!