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First Edition Socks for December

These are the socks we’ll be making in December for our First Editions subscription service. Go here to sign up!

How could we have waited this long before featuring plaids.? Fortunately, trends and procrastination align with uncanny precision, and we present our Baskerville in Classic Black and White, Navy and Monster in cotton, and a woolly black and red Moulin Rouge

Baskerville in Classic Black & White, cotton

Conservative colorway

Baskerville in Classic Black & White
Supima Cotton

OMG OMG OMG . . .need we say more?

All our cotton socks contain 70% Extra Long Staple Supima Cotton, 25% Nylon and 5% Spandex.

Our regular size will fit most people, from a US Women’s shoe size of 6 to a US Men’s 11. Our Large size overlaps that range, from US Men’s 10 to 14. If you’re taller, or want a slightly higher sock, the Large is also about an inch longer in the leg.

(For international feet, our regular is a UK 4 to 10, EU 37 to 44 or Asian 23 1/2 to 28 1/2. Large is UK 9 to 13, EU 43 to 48 or Asia 28+.)

Baskerville in Navy, cotton

Bright colorway

Baskerville in Navy
Supima Cotton

One can never have too many blue socks. Destined to be the go-to pair when one needs to blend but wants that little pick-me-up.

XOAB socks are made in America from US-sourced materials and knit in small batches, using custom-dyed yarn, on our own knitting machines.

We use US-grown, spun and custom-dyed Supima cotton and domestic 18.5 micron Merino wool and add American-made nylon yarn for durability and spandex to help our socks stay up and conform gently to your leg and foot.

Baskerville in Monster, cotton

Baskerville in Monster
Supima Cotton

Once bitten twice smitten, a color combo that just won’t let go.

We’ve designed for comfort, with a perfectly smooth toe seam, a little extra spandex for a perfect fit and 200-needle quality for fine pattern detail and an ultra-smooth feel.

We guarantee our socks. If you have a problem with them, or are displeased for any reason, contact us at, and we’ll do our best to make it right.

Baskerville in Moulin Rouge, wool

Baskerville in Moulin Rouge
Merino Wool

Just in case you get stuck waiting in the wings, good for those drafty back stage delays.

XOAB socks can be machine-washed. Turn the socks inside-out before washing in cold water, and tumble dry on medium heat.

No plaid theme would be complete without an homage to Chanel’s classic woolen suits. Head out with your bagpipes or clutch, with our Coco design in 4 colorways.

Coco in Tartan, cotton


Coco in Tartan
Supima Cotton

Drive your Achilles crazy with this killer kilty color combo.

We’ve spent a lot of time focused on how our socks fit, and we’ve done a lot of testing and experimentation. You’ll notice our socks are stretchier than most you’ve tried. They contour themselves smoothly, with no drooping or sagging. In our experiments with sock design, we added a super-stretchy, hair-thin spandex thread throughout the body of each sock. When we started XOAB, we intended to offer as many sizes as necessary, but to our surprise, our spandex structure in both wool and cotton fits a very wide range of feet. And, the fit isn’t a compromise. Over and over, we’ve watched people try our socks; the spandex pulls in gently for a great fit.

Coco in Holiday, cotton


Coco in Holiday
Supima Cotton

When the season has you up a tree, be an ornament, you’ll blend in these festive footsies.

Our 18.5 micron Merino wool is the finest wool fiber we’ve been able to source in the US. The demands of the spinning process our yarn goes through dictate that we need at least 500 pounds of fiber for a batch. So far, wool averaging 18.5 microns is the finest Merino we’ve been able to find reliably in that quantity in the US.

Coco in Seine, cotton


Coco in Seine
Supima Cotton

Be in the flow, on your next meander through the city.

For those of you who haven’t tried our wool socks, they’re a lot different from the scratchy, bulky boot socks we grew up with and remember from snowy winters. Ours are dress-weight, 200-needle socks, and the fineness of the Merino wool means they don’t itch and scratch. Wool can absorb considerable moisture into the core of the wool fiber, which makes the yarn naturally anti-microbial and also helps keep your feet feeling cozy and dry.

Coco in Downtown, cotton


Coco in Downtown
Supima Cotton

A bit of class when it really counts, put your feet to good use and seal the deal.

We decided to make our socks in the US, instead of overseas. Not only do we support textile manufacturing jobs in the US, but making socks closer to home is the key to the high-quality, short-run manufacturing model we’re creating.

These are the socks we’ll be making in December for our First Editions subscription service. Go here to sign up!